Project 365 – What’s it all about

I decided at the weekend to try Project 360 this year.  Taking a photograph every day, and publishing it.  It seems like quite a good discipline to get into, and we’ll see how it pans out.  Some are recording photos in their own sites and journals and inevitably it exists across the social media space various places but there is a Flickr group dedicated to it, several Facebook groups, a twitter hastag

My shots will be collected together on my Flickr account, although they’ll also end up in other places.

OK so I missed a day, didn’t make the decision until the 2nd, and I hadn’t used the camera at all on the 1st.
I did a quick search and lots of people are very organised about it; themes, messages, styles to try to capture every day.  I’m not convinced that I’ll do anything that rigid.  I have my phone camera, iPhone, probably used for most of them because I carry it with me.  The camera has a lot of limitations, but it’s reasonable for record keeping shots.
My proper camera is an Nikon SLR, but it’s too bulky for day to day use.  I’ll need to make more of a habit of carrying it when it is convenient to do so, probably quite a good discipline to get back into anyway.
My preference is for architectural and landscape photography, so there are bound to be a lot of those in the portfolio as it shapes up, but this gives me a chance to play with other styles.  Hopefully it’ll turn into an interesting exercise.

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