Project 365 – Month 1, a reflection

I posted previously on Project 365, an attempt to take a photograph every day and publish it.  My thinking at the time was that with the quality of phone cameras I could reasonably assume that I’d always now have a camera with me, rather than lugging a fairly substantial SLR kit around all the time.

My pictures are on my Flickr account here, although more on that in a moment.

I’ve missed a couple of days, which is not bad.  However I’ve also had to rely on opportunistic photos of my rats in the evenings to fill in a couple of times.  They are beautiful little creatures, very engaging and photogenic, but it’s not really the point of the exercise.

What I’ve found is that as long as I’m conscious of lifting my camera bag then there are shots available.  I’m now more comfortable just lifting it and taking it with me.  There is a bit of a barrier to taking shots at times, I’m a bit self-conscious taking shots with people in them.  I’m by inclination an architectural and landscape photographer, so crowds or street scenes are a new avenue.  Despite that, using a proper camera feels less intrusive than using a phone camera in those situations.

The issue is more with my phone camera, there is something less engaging about using it, and for all that it’s a good image quality I’m never all that happy with the result.  It’s a basic record keeping device, and that’s about it.  It is very easy to use, and to share the pictures, but it doesn’t give me the flexibility that an SLR and lenses gives, which makes me less inclined to use it.  The result has been that couple of days when I’ve had to grab the camera in the evening when the rats are active, and try to get a couple of nice images of them.

So sharing the pictures, I’ve used Posterous for the upload, and then used that as a hub for distribution.  Initially I was just set to autopost, but I wasn’t happy with that, I ended up tagging the same photo in several places, and deleting it from a few.  Far easier to upload to Posterous, get the name, indexing and taggin sorted out, then autoposting it to Facebook, Picasa and Flickr.  Flickr being the most important destination, the others acting as archive copies.

At the moment I have one set for Project 365 photos, and it looks as if it might become unmanageable.  I’m contemplating subdividing the set, probably by quarter and not month.  the other aspect is the need to get a Flickr Pro account, to make sure that all my images are visible to people.  The volumetrics in the free version are very fair, but as I’m using it more I need to improve on that.

All in all it’s an interesting exercise, it’s forcing a little more thinking, and pushing me to do more of something I enjoy, and haven’t been doing enough of for a long time.  I invested in a good DSLR, then haven’t really exploited it.  I’m doing more with it, so it’s a worthwhile.

I’ll leave you with this, a Pakistani Loach that’s been a very recent acquisition for our aquarium.  I was very lucky with this, taken a couple of days after he’d been introduced, so that he was a bit more acclimatised to the tank and his new companions.

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