Protests and a lack of moral courage from students, who knew…

Yesterdays vandalism and thuggery reported in the Telegraph this morning.

Interesting that they chose not to contextualise the photo they used, which in other sources appears to show a group of schoolkids surrounding the van and shielding it, although given the damage whether that was a useful move or not is debatable.  Pretty shoddy journalism, but that typifies the coverage yesterday across the media.

Still, protesters complaining that they were going to miss transport home, and they’d be late for tea do suggest a lack of forethought.  If one is unprepared to deal with the consequences one shouldn’t participate in the protest.

I’m also interested in the latter part of the article, students trying to lay blame for the violence on truanting children.  Lack of moral courage springs to mind as the immediate response, again take responsibility for ones actions.  But I guess that’s not the point of the protests, they’re not wanting to take responsibility for their own lives, they want the state to provide, yet not compensate the state for the benefits received.

Still, one hopes that the schoolchildren are punished for their non-attendance at school.

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