About me

So, you’re after some background on who I am, and what motivates me to pontificate here.

I’m a member of that hated profession, the Management Consultant, and quite happy with that.  My training was in Electronic Systems Engineering and I’ve specialised in Communications and Information Systems, working with networking, satellite communications, electronic warfare systems, radar, sonar and combat systems.   I was Chartered in 2002 through the Institution of Electrical Engineers, now the Institution of Engineering and Technology.  You might spot a theme in there, I was an Engineer Officer in the British military for a while, with experience in the Adriatic, Persian Gulf, West Africa, Indonesian Archipelago and the Far East.

I’m far more interested in the human factors around technology than the technology itself.  Working with people to get the best out of the kit is far more valuable than tinkering with it.

From a political perspective I’d describe myself as classical liberal an advocate of the free market and minimal state interference.  Key themes for me are personal responsibility, freedom to act and a recognition that we’re all in this together, so we do have obligations towards one another.  Together we can come up with more than operating individually.  I am a Liberal Democrat, although clearly I can see something viable in other parties.

The main things that I see myself waffling about here are defence and international issues, procurement and exploitation of technology with the occasional burblings about other things; cycling, photography and possibly gardening.