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Liam Fox lives up to expectations

It’s reported in the Telegraph that Liam Fox has made his first faux pas as Secretary of State for Defence, stating that the UK is not engaged in Afghanistan for the ”education policy” but to assure UK security. There are … Continue reading

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Dawn of a new era

Things have been moving quite remarkably over the last few days, and with real life intruding there didn’t seem to be any point in trying to capture it here. Overall, I’m happy with the outcome.  Mark Thompson discussed the risks … Continue reading

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Electoral decisions – Who do I vote for?

Everyone else is coming up with their ”endorsements”, so a few thoughts on what’s guided my voting decision. First, we vote for an individual, not a party and more specifically not a party leader.  I’m not sure what kind of … Continue reading

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A sudden enlightenment?

Liam Fox is reported in this weeks Telegraph, discussing the forthcoming Strategic Defence Review.  There’s one on the way regardless of which bunch get in at the next election, and in my opinion it’s well overdue.  HM forces are maintaining … Continue reading

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Tory health policy and targets

The much trumpeted draft health manifesto from the Conservatives contains a couple of interesting points.  One the one hand there is the promise to: scrap all of the politically-motivated process targets that stop health professionals doing their jobs properly, and set NHS providers free … Continue reading

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Security and biometric collection in schools

On the Blue Blog an article talks about fingerprinting and biometric collection in schools. The collection is used to then manage a number of services for pupils including catering and library usage.  There was quite a lot of commentary about … Continue reading

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