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Educating parliamentarians – A crash course in critical thinking?

Lib Dem MP for Cambridge, Julian Huppert, gave an interview to the Independent in which he talked about the need for parliamentarians to understand science and technology.  A fair point, parliament is stuffed with party hacks, lawyers and PR people … Continue reading

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Dawn of a new era

Things have been moving quite remarkably over the last few days, and with real life intruding there didn’t seem to be any point in trying to capture it here. Overall, I’m happy with the outcome.  Mark Thompson discussed the risks … Continue reading

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Electoral decisions – Who do I vote for?

Everyone else is coming up with their ”endorsements”, so a few thoughts on what’s guided my voting decision. First, we vote for an individual, not a party and more specifically not a party leader.  I’m not sure what kind of … Continue reading

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Why are Lib Dem defence criticisms always so weak?

This morning we have another weak criticism from the LibDem front bench, following my observations on Chris Huhne recently.  Defence spends too much on promotion rather than just funnelling all the cash towards direct recruiting.  It’s not as if the … Continue reading

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