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The looming deployment

I received an advance copy of my mobilisation order last week, and I’ve been thinking it over for a few days.  A bit of reflection on what needs done, and some reflection on the impact of the deployment.   Inevitably … Continue reading

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Service in the reserve forces

In the UK we have two types of military reserve, the regular reserve  and the volunteer reserve.  The regular reserve is made up of retired officers and other ranks, doesn’t involve a training commitment but the individual can be mobilised … Continue reading

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Israeli attacks on civilian shipping

Much of the rhetoric around the alleged attacks by Israeli forces on an ”aid flotilla” today is strident and generally focussing on whether Israel was excessive or wrong to do so. Some are concentrating on the body that organised the … Continue reading

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The future British nuclear deterrent capability

So Brown has told the UN that the UK nuclear deterrent force can be reduced from four hulls to three, yet still maintain the Continuous At Sea Deterrence capability, on Politics.co.uk and elsewhere. This isn’t a new suggestion, it was … Continue reading

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