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Protests and a lack of moral courage from students, who knew…

Yesterdays vandalism and thuggery reported in the Telegraph this morning. Interesting that they chose not to contextualise the photo they used, which in other sources appears to show a group of schoolkids surrounding the van and shielding it, although given … Continue reading

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Educating parliamentarians – A crash course in critical thinking?

Lib Dem MP for Cambridge, Julian Huppert, gave an interview to the Independent in which he talked about the need for parliamentarians to understand science and technology.  A fair point, parliament is stuffed with party hacks, lawyers and PR people … Continue reading

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Twelve weeks in the summer

So the hardy perrenial of the summer recess has reared it’s head again, this time courtesy of the Speaker. In many ways I agree, parliament not sitting for twelve weeks is unhelpful to constituents and restrictive to effective democracy. Many … Continue reading

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