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On transparency in government expenditure

We hear today that Department for Communities and Local Government have published ”details” of all spending above £500.  The Minister responsible for the department, Eric Pickles, claiming that this move will encourage an ”army of armchair auditors” to examine the … Continue reading

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Educating parliamentarians – A crash course in critical thinking?

Lib Dem MP for Cambridge, Julian Huppert, gave an interview to the Independent in which he talked about the need for parliamentarians to understand science and technology.  A fair point, parliament is stuffed with party hacks, lawyers and PR people … Continue reading

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The inevitable gun control pontification

So the UK has some of the tightest firearms licensing regulation in the world, apparently surpassed only by Japan.  Yet we still have a reasonable level of firearm related crime, predominantly using illegal weapons.  With the unfortunate events of this … Continue reading

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Policy driven options appraisal

Coverage of the nominally cross-party discussions on health care yesterday was drowned in discussion of the decision by the Tories to absent themselves. This was coupled with demands to remove one of the funding options, the so-called “death tax”, from … Continue reading

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Delivering effects in Afghanistan

Watching the twitter traffic this morning about the Afghan conference being hosted by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office today in Lancaster House and I saw this tweet, reported by both DFID and FCO. @annamac33: Every 30 mins 14 children die … Continue reading

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