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Protests and a lack of moral courage from students, who knew…

Yesterdays vandalism and thuggery reported in the Telegraph this morning. Interesting that they chose not to contextualise the photo they used, which in other sources appears to show a group of schoolkids surrounding the van and shielding it, although given … Continue reading

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On transparency in government expenditure

We hear today that Department for Communities and Local Government have published ”details” of all spending above £500.  The Minister responsible for the department, Eric Pickles, claiming that this move will encourage an ”army of armchair auditors” to examine the … Continue reading

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Educating parliamentarians – A crash course in critical thinking?

Lib Dem MP for Cambridge, Julian Huppert, gave an interview to the Independent in which he talked about the need for parliamentarians to understand science and technology.  A fair point, parliament is stuffed with party hacks, lawyers and PR people … Continue reading

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The inevitable gun control pontification

So the UK has some of the tightest firearms licensing regulation in the world, apparently surpassed only by Japan.  Yet we still have a reasonable level of firearm related crime, predominantly using illegal weapons.  With the unfortunate events of this … Continue reading

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Israeli attacks on civilian shipping

Much of the rhetoric around the alleged attacks by Israeli forces on an ”aid flotilla” today is strident and generally focussing on whether Israel was excessive or wrong to do so. Some are concentrating on the body that organised the … Continue reading

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Liam Fox lives up to expectations

It’s reported in the Telegraph that Liam Fox has made his first faux pas as Secretary of State for Defence, stating that the UK is not engaged in Afghanistan for the ”education policy” but to assure UK security. There are … Continue reading

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Dawn of a new era

Things have been moving quite remarkably over the last few days, and with real life intruding there didn’t seem to be any point in trying to capture it here. Overall, I’m happy with the outcome.  Mark Thompson discussed the risks … Continue reading

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