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Protests and a lack of moral courage from students, who knew…

Yesterdays vandalism and thuggery reported in the Telegraph this morning. Interesting that they chose not to contextualise the photo they used, which in other sources appears to show a group of schoolkids surrounding the van and shielding it, although given … Continue reading

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The staff course essay question

I’m on the Advanced Command and Staff Course (Reserves) at the moment.  A course at the Defence Academy for senior officers in the three military reserves; Territorial Army, Royal Navy Reserve, Royal Marines Reserve and the Royal Auxiliary Air Force.  … Continue reading

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Liam Fox lives up to expectations

It’s reported in the Telegraph that Liam Fox has made his first faux pas as Secretary of State for Defence, stating that the UK is not engaged in Afghanistan for the ”education policy” but to assure UK security. There are … Continue reading

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Setting political directions

Prompted by a Twitter discussion I’ve been thinking about our ideal of political involvement in delivering public services, and our actual experience of it.  The topic was Policing and the value in elected governance.  Clearly the ideal would be that … Continue reading

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Reflections on homosexuality in the Armed Forces

I read this article in the Independent yesterday, discussing the approach to homosexuality in the Foreign Office leading to the removal of the bar on employment in the 90s, and now to the civil partnership ceremony for a Foreign Office … Continue reading

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